We have a saying in our house.  Well less of a saying more of like a “thing”.

We call it a “food memory”.

You see my husband has all these memories of his childhood.  They all go something like this, “6 kids packed in the station wagon.  The kind with the backward facing back row… (raise your hand if you remember that) Driving up a steep hill in San Francisco, (looking down) Eating _______……

On a road trip to visit history sites, eating _______…..

These memories of his all have one common thread, he was eating.  He remembers what he was doing, where he was BECAUSE OF what he was eating.  If there isn’t a food involved.  He doesn’t remember it – I SWEAR!

And maybe he has a point?!!

Growing up some of my favorite memories or life moments were with my family eating something.

In particular it makes me think of my Grandma Alice.  A child of the great depression.  It left an indelible mark.

Going to her house was better than Disneyland.  It was like walking into Willy Wonka’s.  There was sugar cereal, Homemade fudge in the freezer, soda in the back fridge, jars of treats lining the counter, and she would cook for us ALL DAY LONG.  Each meal had at least 7 side dishes, and some main course- and everything was equally amazing.

As an adult, I just have to think WOW!  What an incredibly sweet, superhuman, LOVING service she gave to my parents and us kiddos.   There were 7 grandkids to cook for, not to mention if cousins were there with us doubling those numbers…  That would be really hard on any human, let alone a little grandma but she did it cheerfully and never complained, and even gave us money for helping or doing chores, so we could walk the block to main street and buy more wonders.  Oh it makes me miss her.

My mom and dad met when my mom was turning 15.  She had a special Karo Frosting birthday cake that my dad instantly fell in love with… I mean he fell in love with my mom, but he also really really liked that cake.  After that, he told his Dad he had met the girl he was going to marry and he did.

So many wonderful memories about food.

I’m actually blubbering like a baby behind this screen while I type this.  Because these memories are so sweet, and the truly mean a lot.

And now, I’m an adult, not a child packed in a station wagon.

But I still want to create those food memories.

As I have collected recipes as an adult, one of my favorite things to do I write out the date that we tried it out, and who we got the recipe from, any alterations we made, or side dishes we served with it.  It’s fun to reminisce about when I re-make those recipes…  it reminds me what made the meal so incredible.

I *usually* really like cooking. I like baking. I like messing around with recipes.  I always want to try to change little things and tweak things.  We LOVE to eat!

I will be honest and say, as the mom to 4 girls, I feel like there is a lot of eating going on- its not just a teenage boy thing.  Its a I have a kid thing.

One of my least favorite questions in the world is “What is for dinner”

I don’t always love having to think of meal ideas.  Please say I’m not alone.

So I am trying here to make ideas simple and plans easier.  This is why we have foodieaholic.

We have a couple other blogs… I know I am a glutton for punishment.

Remodelaholic – all things design, interiors, building furniture, remodeling…


Tipsaholic – Family Life, travel and beauty.. like mom hack beauty.

Hey there!  Welcome to our blog!

Family Photo

We’re Justin and Cassity, and we are Remodelaholics.  For real, we’ve been remodeling something for the last 21 years.  From our first apartment (thanks cool landlord!) to our 7th house that we are working on now.  We just like to work on projects.

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But lets tell you a bit about us since you are on our about page and all.

We met through a friend.  We lived in the same apartment complex and I asked him out for a group Halloween date.  Fun was had by all!  We ended up liking each other, well I had to chase him a bit, but after a while he chased me so it worked out.  About 3 months later we were engaged and married 4 months after that.  Long stor-y tres short.

He studied Landscape Architecture and I studied Interior Design, and while we were at it on breaks, holidays, weekends and mostly every other second we remodeled our 100 year old house.  That I still love today.  We worked on that baby for 4 years…  We learned a lot.  Like I didn’t want another 100 year old house anytime soon.

We then picked up and moved across the country for Justin’s dream job in Asheville, North Carolina.  I was hoping to FINALLY have kids (it had already been 5 years of hoping at this point) and well, it wasn’t in the plans yet.  We stayed in that beautiful garden of Eden for 2 years.  Then the big economic crap of 2008 happened and we were forced to find new employment in a new state.  Texas it was.

When we got our newest house to date, builder grade beige and because we finally had decent insurance we got working on figuring out how to have kids, and the joke was on us because within a few months a spontaneously became pregnant- literally through the grace of a most loving God.  It had been a long haul of 8 years, when our first little girl was born.

It was about this moment in my life with a brand new baby that I realized, I needed something for myself to do.  Well my little family blog from North Carolina created to share our lives with family became Remodelaholic.  And soon I was crafting and remodeling and cooking and anything else I could do, with a baby, to share on my blog.

A quick 9 months later we were happily pregnant with a second daughter.  And I am so thankful to God for these babies.  Never has a trial been so sweetly answered as ours had with these perfect daughters.

And so we remodeled and parented and things got really busy.  So busy Justin decided to work part time to help with all the demands of the blog.

Then we thought, well we have these babies why do we live in Texas away from our family, and decided to move back home to the beautiful mountains of Utah smack dab into my parents basement, because ya know being self employed is tricky to get the house of your dreams without a history.  So we toughed that out for two years (and my parents kindly dealt with us intruding for two years, to give them credit too).

Finally, we bought a house and started to remodel it.  This time is was a 60’s ranch house.  And while initially it looked nice, our goals were big… (we’re still working on projects more about that later)  In 2015 we found out we ere expecting again and we were overjoyed we’d been hoping for a couple years to have another.  Sadly we lost that pregnancy half way through.  I have never in my life felt such sorrow.  and I look forward to raising that son someday.

A few years later we got the opportunity to buy a second house to remodel.  We lived there for 5 years, and have been working on it too.  But in 2019 we decided it was time to finish adding to our family.  We decided after all the years and years of hoping, that we would get some real help, we met with an awesome specialist, only to find out we were pregnant 3 weeks later.  God has a funny sense of timing.  Gladly and providently the specialist took care to make sure the pregnancy progressed properly.  And in 2019 we had another perfect little girl.  With the huge gap in ages from our oldest to our youngest I really wanted another buddy for the youngest, and because I knew things worked well for me immediately after we got pregnant right away with our 4th baby.  2 Covid babies.  It really has been a magical time for our family.  Im tired, did i mention im in my 40’s with 2 babies and 2 teenagers.  Somone please send help.

And here we are back at this blog again with two tiny babies and two tweens.  (each 10 years apart the 2 oldest and 2 youngest)

Halloween Picture

Things we love:

Disneyland and Disney World.  Well, technically its love/ hate.  But usually mostly love.  You can read about that on our other blog Tipsaholic.com

Family trips to Tahoe in the summer with our kayaks.

Talking about business ideas.

Building Furniture (I personally like to design it, not build it…  Justin is a great builder- But I have taken shop classes and am capable, just not totally interested right now, with so many kiddos needing attention)

The best gifts in our world is our 4 girls.

Mom And Daughters

More pictures because I love my family most of all.

Alice   IMG 8589 IMG 8655





We are obsessed with with DIY and remodeling and we know you are too. We love to share your projects as well our own, If you have a project that you think would be a good fit for our blog we would love to see it.



(I’m the one on the the keyboard most of the time)

We have a family blog.  You can check out the madness and the mess there first hand. If I make appearances it is usually wearing p.j.s without brushed hair.

I am a wife and mother first and foremost.

My husband is a dream. He can do anything, and is cheerful about most anything I ask. He is a landscape architect, so we love to design together!

I am an Interior Designer, according to my bachelor’s degree. I do not work in the field though. I help friends and fix up our houses, but that is all for now. The most important thing to me, is my family and I choose to stay at home. Luckily, we have been blessed with the abilities to use our resources wisely and I can stay home!




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